I’ve spent years perfecting this recipe, originally published on Spoon University and Huffpost. There is nothing I find more comforting than a runny yolk and flavorful stew-like tomato sauce. Quick and easy, it’s a sure-fire crowd-pleaser.

After trying out this spicy Middle Eastern shakshuka dish, you'll never look at fried eggs the same way again. Everyone loves breakfast food disguised as lunch or dinner. But fried eggs can get old fast, despite racking up insane amounts of likes on Instagram. That's why there's shakshuka--a spicy, Middle Eastern take on "throw everything in your fridge into a pan and voila."

Shakshuka can be eaten with salad, challah, tabouli or anything really--the possibilities are endless. A huge pan of shakshuka is perfect for a quick and delicious meal for multiple guests to share. And as a bonus, you can still get in your #yolkporn fix.

The Recipe