Hug the coastline

Walk from the archo naturale (15 minute walk from the piazetta) along the grotto di mattormania. Stop by the Villa Malaparte and stand on the edge to overlook the Pizzolungo. End at the Belvedere Tragara observation deck.

The signs are a bit confusing and may suggest the ‘hike’ takes over two and a half hours from the arch, but trust me the pleasant walk is a breeze that will take no more than 40 minutes. And the views are "bellisimo!"

Live the villa life

Villa San Michele offers the most drop dead gorgeous view of the bay. Right at the top of the Phoenician steps (which you can take down or up to the Marina Grande where your ferry likely docked), it was the home of doctor and author Axel Munthe, who basically put Capri on the map. Here in his home he treated Queen Elizabeth (the Swedish one) and crafted a blooming, luscious rooftop garden. There’s even a giant Egyptian sphinx to guard the view.

Tip: The rooftop cafe offers impeccable views, but like everything on the island, is incredibly pricey. Plan on buying just a drink and bring your own snacks to enjoy!

Grab a bowl… or two… or three…

On the Amalfi coast, ceramics is a way of life. Each town has their own distinctive flair. Skip the overpriced and brand name Capri high street in favor of a stroll down Anacapri’s via Giussepe Orlandi (which will lead you straight to the gondola up Mount Solaro). Here you’ll find the charming Ceramiche Tavassi, sculpting some of the most unique and jaw-dropping pieces I had seen anywhere yet. Grab some earthy or sea-inspired tableware or a sign for your home, the options are endless and everything is made in the store- see for yourself!

Getting around Capri: You might be tempted to rent a moped or a car, but no need! The cheapest and most convenient transportation is via bus. Only 2 euros a trip, the 3 bus lines drop you off in all the most convenient points along the island. A boat trip around the coast can also be a convenient way to get around- but consider whether it's worth the price.